Tender Doula Hands 


This is a list of most of the doulas in the Kern County area. Some of these doulas are seasoned-certified doulas, some are just starting out and are not certified, or are newly certified. It is your responsibility to ask the questions that are important to you. It is vitally important that you are extremely comfortable with the doula you will have in your birthing space. 

Click on the names for links to websites or Facebook business pages.

DOULAS are in alphabetical order:

Stacie Bingham 661-446-4532

Birth doula, breastfeeding counselor, childbirth educator

Karen Berhow 661-717-0152

Birth doula, childbirth education

Katie Duda  661-809-1201

Birth and postpartum doula services

Nicole Escalera 661-805-4585
Birth doula, childbirth educator

Melissa Florez 661-805-1699 
Birth doula, breastfeeding support, ayuda en Espanol

Patty Grider 661-350-1644
Birth doula, bereavement doula, placenta encapsulation

Blanca Paredes 661-213-2183
Birth doula, belly casting, breastfeeding support, ayuda an Espanol

Emily Willett 757-287-7943
Birth doula, breastfeeding support, childbirth education