Birth Doula Fee

You are provided with one FREE initial interview which does not obligate you to use my services. 

This helps us get to acquainted and to determine if we'll make a good match. 

The fee for the services I provide is $1200.00* 

(Payment Plan Schedule is below)

If you retain me as your doula, we will have 2 pre-birth visits which will be used to become familiar with your birth plan (or create one if you don't have one already), vision, and goals including your preferences regarding pain management options and the use of pain medications and/or comfort measures.


$500.00 to be paid as a deposit, due when you hire me as your doula (sign contract)

$350.00 due at 32 weeks gestation

$350.00 due at 36 weeks gestation

If this plan does not work for you, I am able to offer a different payment plans to fit your needs.

If services are retained close to your estimated due date, we can work out a different payment plan.

I will continue to take on other clients around your estimated due date, even though you have hired me as your doula. Most times, clients do not give birth on their estimated due date. 

I will make every effort to provide the services in our "Contract for Doula Services". Sometimes this is impossible (for example, with a rapid labor). If my failure to attend your birth is due to my error, there will be no charge for my services, and I will refund the the full fee. If it is due to circumstances beyond anyone's control or your failure to call me, I will keep the deposit and refund you any money you paid over and above the deposit.

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