I have 20 years experience in supporting families before, during, and after birth at home or hospital. I have experience supporting pregnant people at the major hospitals in the Bakersfield area. I have received education for the doula's role from DONA and have been trained in an approved childbirth education class. I have received training in the use of the Rebozo for comfort  during labor, and the pushing stage. I have received training and have been certified as a Rebozo instructor. 

There are no laws requiring doula certification, but in my quest to provide the best possible care to clients, I have completed the necessary courses through Childbirth International, and I am certified as a Birth Doula. 


Having taken a course through Empowered Papa, I am now Dad Certified™. "In fact, the entire Empowered Papa mission has transformed into serving birth professionals in their efforts to connect with and inspire dads around the Western world," Joe Valley.

I have a wealth of knowledge from experience and education to provide breastfeeding support and childbirth education.