Birth Doula Services Provided

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I am independent and self-employed. As a doula, I am working for the family that hires me, not their care provider or hospital.

As a doula, I accompany a pregnant person in labor either at a hospital, birth center, or home. I am on call 24-7 beginning at 38 weeks gestation up until labor begins for people who retain me as their doula.

I provide emotional support, physical comfort, and as needed, assistance in communication with medical staff to ensure people have the information they need to make informed choices.

I make suggestions for labor progress, help with relaxation, breathing, massage, positioning, and other techniques for the laboring person's comfort.

I assist with the initiation of breastfeeding to ensure correct latching and a lasting breastfeeding experience. I provide continuing breastfeeding counseling up to one year of the baby's birth by phone or in the home.

I remain with childbearing individual two to four hours after birth, or until the everyone is comfortable and the family is ready for quiet time together.

I meet with the parents at their home within 3-14 days of the baby's birth for a postpartum visit. I give breastfeeding support, answer any questions, help in any possible manner, review the birth, admire the new baby, and receive any feedback concerning my role.

The following are the services I provide as a doula:

       • Emotional, physical and informational services before, during, and after birth,

       • 2 pre-birth visits including: birth plan counseling, and childbirth counseling (first visit must have
          partner present if available)

       • Unlimited telephone consultations

       • On call 24-7 from 38 weeks until labor begins

       • Physical, emotional, and informational support during labor, birth, and postpartum until parent and            child are comfortably settled to ease bonding

       • Labor support with relaxation techniques, breathing, massage, birth ball, rebozo use, etc.

       • Immediate initial breastfeeding support up to 6 weeks postpartum

       • One post-birth follow-up in-home visit 3-7 days after birth.