I began providing birth support after the birth of our third child. Our third child was born at home with a midwife. My midwife asked me if I would like to be her assistant as a doula. So, I began supporting pregnant people during labor and birth. Our third child is now 21 years old!

Seven of my eight births have been non-medicated (my first was a breech baby; she was born by C-section). With our first two children, I gave birth without the help of an experienced, trained woman. I had a very difficult time with birth and breastfeeding. With our third, fourth, and fifth birth, we had a midwife and a friend. These births were a bit more manageable. Finally, with our sixth, seventh, and eighth child, we had a midwife and a trained doula. What a difference having an experienced, trained professional doula there to support me and my husband! I managed labor and birth much better with a doula.

Labor is intense whether it is the first or eighth baby. My midwife was present for the purpose of the birth and all that goes into catching a baby. Although she helped me, she still had to focus on the birth of the baby. My doula was there to care for me and support me while in the intensity of labor and to meet my needs during labor. While my midwife focused her attention on the birth of the baby, my doula stayed focused on me.

I am a doula, and I still required support from a doula during labor and birth. I could not have had a satisfying birth experience without my doula.

I offer Labor Support to families as a certified birth doula. I also offer breastfeeding support as part of the doula package.