Birth Plans

If you will not hire a doula, but would like to have a personalized birth plan, you have the option of purchasing that service without hiring a doula. 

  • Have you looked online for a birth plan, but none of them seems suit your needs? Worry no more. Marivette can will create a personalized birth plan. Make an appointment with her, today. She will go through a thorough questionnaire to create your birth plan. 

Rate: $40.00

What you get:
One-hour, in-person birth plan counseling answering a detailed questionnaire to find out your birth preferences 
Time to do your own research on certain topics
  • Two rough drafts
  • Final draft will be a one page birth plan tailored to your birth desires 

(This service is provided as part of your doula package if you hired Marivette as your birth doula.)