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Quotes I wanted to take a minute to thank our AWESOME doula - Marivette Torres. Our goal was to have a completely natural hospital birth. Several friends strongly recommended hiring a doula to help us. I can say that this was a true investment and totally worth it. Marivette was wonderful. She helped us make a solid birth plan, gave us lots of information regarding different decisions, answered phone calls and texts about random questions and was OF COURSE there for us during our labor and delivery. With her help, we were able to have a natural hospital birth. She has also taken calls after our baby's birth regarding nursing or recovery questions. We also loved that she wanted to come by and simply visit with us and cuddle with our baby. If you are in need of a doula or simply interested, please see her Facebook page or website. Quotes

Quotes When you hire Marivette as a doula, she gets to know you and your preferences. You're not just another client; you are a friend. I wanted a natural hospital birth. Many of my co-workers, friends, and family had told me I'd never be able to go through with it. However, during my 26-hour labor and birth, she used massage and firm reassurance to encourage me to continue with my natural birth plan. Because she is a mother of 8, I felt secure in my decision to have her as my doula. With her encouragement, I trusted my body and gave birth naturally (no epidural, pain medication, or IV). She has EXTENSIVE knowledge on full-term breastfeeding, donor breastmilk sharing, baby/toddlerwearing, and whole/intact baby care. As I write this, my son is nearly 18 months old, and though I am no longer a "client," Marivette continues as a friend and huge support. Her understanding of birth and natural parenting made her a perfect choice for our family in hiring her. Her services were worth every penny! Quotes

Quotes I would like to thank my doula Marivette for helping me through my pregnancy and labor. During my pregnancy she would answer any questions I had which allowed me to feel at ease. She also accompanied me to my doctor appointments. During labor her encouraging words, massages, and techniques allowed me to get through it without giving up:)! I'm very happy to say a had a natural birth, no medication needed. I delivered a healthy baby girl. She weighed 7lbs 12 oz. This experience was very empowering for me and couldn't have done it without the help of God, my husband, and my doula. Quotes

Quotes In September 2009 my daughter was born and I experienced breastfeeding challenges, Immediately I looked for help and was fortunate to find Marivette Torres. With her support I was able to build the essential self confidence that enabled me to OWN one of the most Empowering experiences of my life. I never gave up trying and I am proud to say that I continue to breastfeed my daughter, who is over three years old. Marivette is kind, loving and respectful. She is the person to have with you for breastfeeding support. From preparing to breastfeed, latching and grow spurts and cycles. I've been blessed to have her in my life and consider her to be one of the most amazing people in the world. I will be forever grateful. Quotes
Ana Flores-Villatoro
Forever Gratefull!!!